White Meadows Maple Farm, Canada

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Date: Aug, 2014
Location: Effingham, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada


Indigenous people living in northeastern North America were the first known to have produced maple syrup and maple sugar. According to aboriginal oral tales, as well as archaeological evidence, maple tree sap was being processed into syrup long before Europeans arrived in the region. There are no authenticated accounts of how maple syrup production and consumption began, but various legends exist; one of the most popular involves maple sap being used in place of water to cook venison served to a chief. Some stories even credit the development of maple syrup production to the squirrel. Aboriginal tribes developed rituals around sugar-making, celebrating the Sugar Moon (the first full moon of spring) with a Maple Dance. Many aboriginal dishes replaced the salt traditional in European cuisine with maple sugar or syrup.

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Maple syrup production is an art like wine production. The trees’ soil and the quality of the season imprints its own unique characteristics on the syrup’s flavor. But unlike wine, only a small corner of the world’s trees have the ability to produce this sweet delight, making maple syrup a true Canadian treasure.

White Meadows Farms has over 5000 Canadian sugar maples that call the farm home and have been producing Ontario Maple Syrup for over 25 years.

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