Albaicín, Granada, Spain

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Date: Dec, 2014
Location: Albaicin, Granada, Andalucia, Spain


The Albaicín district of Granada is the old Arabic Quarter which retains the narrow winding streets of its Moorish past. It survived as the Muslim quarter for several decades after the Christian conquest in 1492 and was declared a world heritage site in 1984, along with the Alhambra which is situated on the hill across.

Plaza del Salvador, near the top houses the Colegiata del Salvador, a 16th century church on the site of what used to be the Albaicín’s main mosque. The mosque’s horseshoe-arched patio survives at its western end.

From 2014-12-30 – ALBAICÍN, Granada, Spain

West of the Plaza del Salvador is the Mezquita Mayor de Granada, Albaicín’s first new mosque in 500 years, which was built to serve modern Granada’s growing Muslim population.

From 2014-12-30 – ALBAICÍN, Granada, Spain

Mirador San Nicolás is right next to the mosque and is the area’s most popular lookout with unbeatable views of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada. It also houses the Iglesia de San Nicolás which is a 16th century Mudejar architecture.

From 2014-12-30 – ALBAICÍN, Granada, Spain



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